New place… New posts :) FABULOUS WEATHER!

After blogging on Blogspot off and on for awhile, I might give it a go here on WordPress since I also use this lovely tool for my work blog!

To start this off I will make a note of some fabulous weather that we’ve been having here in Rochester, NY for the past 12 days or so!  Ohhhh, it’s been a wonderful spell of early fall weather- ample sun, gently breezes, and deliciously warm temperatures. The birds have been singing and the changing leaves have been glowing beautifully in these idyllic days. Well, that changes as of today!  Hehe   A cold front is sweeping in tonight, ushered in by very stiff winds all day today, and bringing temperatures down from the high 70’s into the low to mid 50’s. Ouch, the HARSH side of fall has arrived!

Talk again soon…



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