Kate Gosselin, “Oil Digger”?! Oh yes!

Mmmmm, dancin’ mommy!  Kate Gosselin’ is working the immitation wood floor like a 58 year old stripper on Doans back pills works the pole-  paaainfully stiff, and not in a good way like a 5 hour Viagara boner.

After soberingly poor reviews after the first week of Dancing, what the hell is Kittycat Kate doing?  Well, she is delusional enough to think she is good.  But, more importantly, she’s always obsessed with grabbing more cash– errrrr, “providing for her children.”   At BenVille we believe that this over-worked goldied up sassypants is marketing herself to some rich ass oil Sheik who might be watching this awful show over in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.  After all, who could “provide for the children” better than an oil sugar-daddy!

We’re slapping the chips on the Hooters Casino poker table right now and betting it all on the trolling for oil sheik theory.  If  Kate comes out next week in an Aladdin costume with a “Mobil Oil” medallion necklace,  we’re calling for a double down on this oil-digger!

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